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Who am I?

TL;DR: Developer (not maintaining anything at the moment), trying myself in UI/UX at the moment, self-hosting enthusiast, average copyleft / public domain enjoyer.

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Please send me an email if you need to contact me, as I don't check Matrix regularly.

Email (General Inquiries):

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GitLab: [Internal GitLab Profile]


Public Keys.

This list contains all of my valid public keys for both PGP and SSH, which will only be marked as revoked if compromised or lost.

DNS Resolver Setup Guide

The setup process for a DNS resolver may vary depending on the platform you are using. If your platform is not listed here, kindly refer to the documentation or search online for instructions on how to set up DNS-over-HTTPS on your device or within your application.

DNS Resolver Link:

Using my DNS Resolver with Firefox

1. Navigate to settings, look for "DNS" in the search bar.

2. Locate "Network Settings" and click "Settings..."

3. Scroll to the bottom, click on "Enable DNS over HTTPS"

4. In "Use Provider" select "Custom"

5. If the "Custom" field below, input the DNS Resolver Link above.

Using my DNS Resolver on IOS devices

1. Download this configuration file.

2. Click OK, head over to Settings.

3. On the top, you will see a button saying "Profile Downloaded". Click it.

4. Double-check that profile name is "Encrypted DNS (DoH) —". If it's not, do not install it.

5. Click "Install" when prompted. You will see that a warning saying that the profile is not signed, it's completely fine.

LanguageTool Setup Guide

LT Server Link:

Settings up your application to use my LanguageTool Server:

1. Navigate to settings of your application or plugin.

2. Locate "Use Custom LanguageTool Server" or similar option.

3. Insert the LT Server Link into "Server URL" field.